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Matrix Editor Product Family Pane
The Product Family pane in the Matrix Editor displays the Product Family from which the Matrix Editor was launched. Use this pane to select Product Family members to display in the matrix table in the center of the window. You can also edit the Product Family structure from Matrix Editor.
To display Product Family objects in the Matrix Editor, select the check box next to the objects in the Product Family structure pane and click Apply at the bottom of the pane.
The following actions are available from the Product Family pane tool bar in the Matrix Editor.
Structure views (Default)
Select a different view to display the Product Family structure table. To create a new view, from the drop-down options click Manage Structure Views.
Show Find in Structure
Displays a tool bar to search the Product Family structure. For more information, see Find in Structure.
To expand or collapse the Product Family structure under a node, right-click the node, click Expand by and specify a number of levels, or click Collapse All Levels.
For information on the shortcut menu actions available in this pane, see Product Family Structure Tab Actions.