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Saving As a New Classic Project
You can create a new project from the current one by selecting the Save As New Project action. This opens a new window from which you can select the options you want to include. This action is only available to project managers and administrators.
Use the following procedure to save as a new project:
1. Select Save As New Project from the Actions list next to the project name on the project Details page or the Projects page.
The save as new window opens.
2. In the name field, enter a name. This field is required and must be unique within the organization. The default entry is the same as the original project name; however, if you do not alter it, you will receive an error message requesting a unique name.
3. In the Description field, enter a brief description of the project. Enter up to 4,000 characters.
4. From the available list, select the project objects to be copied. You can select as few or as many check boxes as you want.
5. Click OK to create the new project and close the window.