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Parents Table
The Parents table appears on the Network page for a specific context. It displays a list of network context references that have been defined elsewhere in Windchill as a parent to the current context. Parent contexts are defined when adding a new context reference to the Network table. However, the parent-child relationship does not affect the attributes of the context itself and is only relevant to network structures.
For example, if you were to navigate to the Network table for the Harvest Line program and create a context reference to the Corn Picker project, you would be asked to define the relationship between the program and the project. If you select Child from the Relation drop-down menu, then the Harvest Line program is a parent to the Corn Picker project. However, this only pertains to the Harvest Line program network. When you navigate to the Network page under Corn Picker, the Harvest Line program is listed in the Parents table, but you must add a new context reference to the Harvest Line program to add it to the Corn Picker project network.
Regardless of whether or not you create a context reference, this relationship does not affect these contexts in any way outside the network.