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Receiving a Package
Regardless of how a package is sent, your business process may require that it should be received. If the recipient has access to Windchill and is authorized to modify the delivery, he or she can acknowledge receipt of the package and accept or reject it. When the recipient is not a Windchill user or lacks sufficient authorization, receipt of and response to the delivery should be recorded by a package team member or administrator.
1. Select the Receive Delivery action from the delivery information page, or click the receive delivery icon on the Deliveries table.
The Receive Delivery window appears.
2. Enter information in the applicable fields:
Package Delivery
Select an action from the menu. You can select Accept or Reject, or you can select Received to note that the package was received without immediately accepting or rejecting it.
Select the date and time on which you are receiving, accepting, or acknowledging this package delivery.
Enter comments. This can be useful if you are rejecting the package and want to give a reason for doing so.
3. Click OK.