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Editing Usage Attributes
Attributes on the usage link between a selected child part and the next higher assembly part may be edited using the Edit Usage Attributes icon. This icon can be found in the Editing actions group, in the Edit drop-down menu. The Edit Usage Attributes icon can also be found in the actions at the top of the Uses tab or on the right-click menu for a selected part.
To edit the same usage link attribute for multiple parts, use the edit attribute icon . For more information, see Edit Attribute Value for Multiple Parts.
Use the following steps to edit usage attributes:
1. Navigate to the Structure tab on the information page of the assembly to be edited.
2. Select the child part for which the usage attributes will be edited and click the Edit > Edit Usage Attributes icon. The Edit Usage Attributes window appears.
3. Enter new values for the usage attributes. Usage attributes include:
Trace Code
Line Number
Find Number
Reference Designator
For definitions of these attributes, see Part Attributes
Parts can also have additional attributes that your company has defined on the usage relationship between parts. If this has been done you will see an additional area in the Edit Usage Attributes window with the title Usage Soft Attributes. You can also modify the values for these attributes. Consult your system administrator for information about Usage Soft Attributes.
4. Click OK to save changes.
If the user has checked out the part, the edits are stored in the working copy of the part, and the part remains checked out.
If a part is checked out by another user, a corresponding error message is displayed.
If the part is not checked out, it is automatically checked out, and the edits are stored in the working copy of the part version or the part usage link.
You can perform inline editing of part attributes available in Edit Usage Attributes action displayed in the part structure pane. You require modify permissions to perform inline editing. For more information, see About the Part Structure Pane