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Traces Tab
This tab appears only if the PTC Navigate Manage Traces app has been installed.
The Traces tab displays trace links between external artifacts, such as requirements and system models, and the part that is selected in the part structure. For more information about trace link concepts, see Working with Traces.
The trace link attributes are shown in the default table view on the Traces tab:
The unique identifier for the traced item
The trace type, such as Allocate or Satisfy
Indicates that the trace is suspect if the suspect flag icon red diamond icon appears
The version of the traced item
Server where the traced item resides
Summary of the traced item
External Type
The content type of the traced item type, such as functional requirement or business requirement
You can perform the following actions:
green plus sign icon
Launches the Manage Traces app, where you can add new trace links
red minus sign icon
Removes the trace link relationship that is selected
red diamond icon with line across it
Clears the suspect flag for a trace, indicating that you have evaluated the change
red diamond icon
Marks the selected trace link as suspect. This action is available only from the right-click menu.
information icon
Shows details about the traced item
information icon with magnifying glass
Shows a preview of the part with a description of the traced item