Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Part Structure Browser > Part Structure Information > Attributes Tab > Documents Tab
Documents Tab
From the Documents tab, you can view, add, change, or remove documents associated with a part. The following types of document association tables may be displayed:
Described By Documents — Displays the version-specific documents for the selected part.
Reference Documents — Displays the related documents that contain essential information for the selected part.
CAD/Dynamic Documents — Displays the documents representing elements of a CAD assembly structure for the selected part.
Available Actions
The following table explains the icons and their actions available for Described By Documents and Reference Documents sections under this tab:
Add new Document
Opens the New Document window where you can create and associate a new document with the selected part.
Add existing Documents
Allows you to associate an existing document with the selected part.
Remove Selected
Removes the selected associated document.
Places the selected document on the clipboard, so you can associate that document for another part.
Places a document from the clipboard in the selected location.
Paste Selection
Opens a new window displaying an Object List table. Select the checkboxes next to the objects you want to paste and click OK.