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Viewing Assigned Expressions
You can view expressions assigned to parts and usage links of configurable modules in several places in the user interface.
Viewing Assigned Expressions in the Tree View and Uses Table
You can view expressions assigned to parts and usage links of configurable parts on the Structure tab of the information page of a configurable module.
To view this information in the tables, add the following columns to the table view:
Assigned Item Expressions—View expressions assigned to parts or configurable parts.
Assigned Usage Expressions—View expressions assigned to usage links of configurable parts.
To add these columns to the structure tree view, edit the table view by using Views > Manage Structure Views from the Viewing action toolbar.
To add these columns to the Uses table, edit the table view using the table edit icon, and then click Manage Table Views.
The information in the columns is read-only.
Viewing Expressions Assigned To a Part
You can view expressions assigned to a part in the Assigned Basic Expression Choices or Assigned Advanced Expressions table, depending on the type of expressions that is supported for this product. To view the tables, go to the part information page, add a new tab, and click Customize > General > Assigned Expressions.
Syntax for Displaying Expressions in Tables
If there is only one expression assigned to the item, the format is as follows:
(ChoiceA || ChoiceB) && !ChoiceC
If multiple expressions are assigned to the item, each expression is surrounded by brackets with OR included between expressions:
[<expression1>] OR [<expression2>] OR [<expression3>]
[(ChoiceA || ChoiceB) && !ChoiceC] OR [ChoiceD] OR [ChoiceE || ChoiceF]
If the choices used in the assignment are no longer included in the assigned option set, the expression is shown with a strikethrough.
Viewing Assigned Expressions on the Attributes Tab of the Part Information Page
If the Show Assigned Expressions on the Attributes Tab preference is set to Yes, you can view the assigned expressions on the Attributes tab of the part information page. To do that, select the parent part in the part structure tree view and click the Attributes tab. The Attributes tab shows expressions assigned to the part, part usage links, and occurrences. To set this preference, you must be a site administrator.
It is not recommended to alter the layout of these attributes for the part and part usage objects from the Type and Attribute Management utility.
If the object selected in the tree is not an occurrence or if the occurrence display is not enabled, expressions assigned to occurrences are not listed.