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Variant Specification Information Page
You can view information on the configurable modules and the variant specifications that are associated with the selected module variant. To access this information, go to the module variant information page, add a new tab, and then customize the view by selecting Customize > Related Objects. From the Related Objects list, you can choose the following:
Configurable Modules— Shows the configurable modules to which the part is associated as a variant. You can perform the following actions from this table:
Remove this module variant so it is no longer associated to a selected configurable module as a variant. Select a configurable module and click .
Verify if the relationship between the selected configurable module and the module variant is still valid. Select a configurable module and click . The system reports validation results. If the relationship is no longer valid, it removes the configurable module from the table.
Variant Specifications—Shows the Variant Specifications for this Module Variant table that lists the variant specifications that exist for this module variant. From this table, you can:
Compare information between two variant specifications. Select two variant specifications and click .
Compare variant solutions – Select two variant specifications and click .
Delete the variant specification associated with this module variant. Select a variant specification and click .
Comparing Variant Part Structures
You can use the Compare to Part Structure action to compare the part structures of two module variants. To access this action, click Actions > Compare > Compare to Part Structure, and select another module variant to compare to.