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Support for Configurable Structures and Access Control
Configurable product structures and variant creation are implemented in Windchill through the use of configurable products and configurable modules, options and choices, and advanced selection logic.
Enabling Functionality for Optional Product Structures
By default, the Configurable Modules Support preference is set to no. You need to set it to yes so you can use the Options and Variants functionality. This preference can be changed by:
The Site administrator for the entire site
The Organization administrator for the entire organization
The Product Manager for a product container
The Library Manager for a library container
The Configurable Module Support preference is inherited from a higher-level container, and it can be locked at a container level or overwritten at a lower container level.
If the Configurable Module Support preference is set to no, configurable products, configurable modules, and option assignments are not supported, and the Option Filter is not available for filtering product structures.
Access Control to Objects Used in Option Filtering
A Product Manager or an Option Manager with access to options, choices, and option sets can create and manage options and option sets. Product members have only Read access to options and choices, and cannot create, edit, or delete options and options sets.