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Searching for Options and Variants Objects
You can search for the following object types specific to Options and Variants using Windchill Advanced search:
Option Set
To search for Options and Variants objects:
1. Go to the Advanced Search.
2. Add the desired type to search for by clicking Add next to Type.
3. In the Find Type window, choose the desired type: Option, Choice, Group, or Option Set.
4. Select the types to search for by adding a checkmark next to the object type.
5. Specify the search criteria for the selected type by choosing from the drop-down Criteria list. Searchable attributes that appear in this list depend on the selected type. For example, you can search for an option set by using the Created By or Description attribute.
6. Results are listed in the Search Results table.
You can right-click an object in the table to access actions that you normally access from the object’s information page.
Using Keyword Search
When searching using the Keyword search field, the search returns Options and Variants objects with the keyword in the name (for all types) or the keyword in the description (all types except Group).