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Creating an Include Rule
After options and choices are created, you can create include rules to relate the source choice to target choices. You can create rules from the tree view of the Option Pool page, or from the Choices table located under the Design Choice or Sales Choice tab.
To create an include rule between choices:
1. Locate a choice that you want to be the source choice by expanding options in the left pane of the Option Pool page.
2. Right-click the source choice, and then click New Include Rule. The New Include Rule window opens.
You cannot create an include rule on the merged choices that were added from a lower-level option set. If you wish to create rules on those choices, you need to remove them from the merged option set. For more information on removing the merged choices, see Removing Merged Choices and Rules.
3. Provide a description for the rule.
4. Select the target choices to associate with the source choice. To select the target choices:
a. Click the appropriate option tab.
b. Select an option from the table list.
c. Click the choices that you want to select in the right pane of the window.
d. If needed, select the next option to add additional choices.
5. Click OK. The include rule is added to the Include Rules table.