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Loading Variant Specifications Using an API
You can load variant specifications using one of the following APIs provided out-of-the-box:
API #1
public List<VariantSpecLoadOutputBean> loadVariantSpecs(List<VariantLoadNavCriteriaBean> navCriteriaBeans, List<VariantLoadPartConfigSpecBean> partconfigSpecBeans, List<VariantLoadATORuleConfigSpecBean> atoConfigSpecBeans) throws WTException, WTPropertyVetoException, Exception;
API #2
publicList<VariantSpecLoadOutputBean> loadVariantSpecs(List<VariantSpecLoadOutputBean>variantSpecBeans) throws WTException, WTPropertyVetoException, Exception
It is recommended to use API #1. API #2 provides a more granular access using objects.
Creation of the variant specification using a user-defined variant specification number is not supported using the out-of-the-box API.