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Loading Demo Data
Starting with Windchill 10.0 M020, the Power System demo data is not loaded automatically during the installation. The Power System demo data includes example data that demonstrates the “option and variants” features of Windchill 10.0.
If you are interested in exploring these features, you may want to load this demo data. The examples that it provides will help in your understanding of the “options and variants” capabilities of Windchill 10.0.
To load the Power System demo data, run the following command:
windchill wt.load.LoadFileSet
-file <WT_HOME>/codebase/com/ptc/windchill/option/load/atoDemo.xml
-u wcadmin -p wcadmin -Unattended -NoServerStop
If you do decide to load the Power System demo data and begin investigating the options and variants capabilities of the product, be sure to set the Configurable Module Support preference to Yes.