Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Windchill Options and Variants Capabilities > Creating and Managing Enterprise-wide Definitions > Managing Options in the Option Pool > Creating Groups of Options > Assigning Options to Groups
Assigning Options to Groups
To organize options in logical categories, you can assign them to groups. Consider these rules for grouping options:
An option can belong only to one group.
To reassign an option to another group, simply add it to this group. The option will be removed from the previous group.
A group can contain options of one type, either sales or design.
1. On the Options table, select the options that you want to add to a group and click . The Assign to Group window opens.
You can add options to a group one at a time, by using the row-action Assign to Group.
2. Type the name for the new group, or select an existing group from the Select or create group list.
3. Click OK.
Reassigning Options to Another Group
You can reassign options to another group. To reassign several options from the same group to another group:
1. Select a group in a tree view in the left pane of the Option Pool tab.
2. Select the Design Option or Sales Option tab in the right pane.
3. Select all or some options in the Options table.
4. Click to open the Assign to Group window.
5. Select or create a group to assign the options to.
Removing Options from the Assigned Group
You may need to remove all options from a group. To accomplish this, you need to assign all options from this group to no group. Follow the steps of the previous procedure but do not select a group from the Select or create group list on the Assign to Group window.