Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Windchill Options and Variants Capabilities > Filtering a Configurable Product Structure with the Option Filter > Saving Filtering Criteria
Saving Filtering Criteria
The selections you made in the Option Filter are saved with the overall filtering criteria specified using Edit Filter. The saved filtering criteria can be retrieved and applied to the product structure to create a desired product configuration.
To save the filtering criteria:
1. On the part Structure tab, go to the Filter action list.
2. In the Saved Filters drop-down list, click Save. The Save Filter window opens.
3. Enter the name.
4. If you have permissions for sharing, you can click Share to share these criteria with the members of your organization.
The Share these criteria with others option is available only for site administrators, organization administrators, and Product Managers.
5. Click OK. The saved expansion criteria are added to the Saved Filters list. The Save Filter window closes, and the saved expansion criteria are applied to the product structure.