Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Windchill Options and Variants Capabilities > Creating and Managing Enterprise-wide Definitions > Defining Global Rules for Options and Choices > Exclude Rules > Viewing Information About an Exclude Rule
Viewing Information About an Exclude Rule
1. In the left pane of the Option Pool tab, select the top-level node in the tree view.
2. Click the Exclude Rules tab in the right pane. The Exclude Rules table lists all exclude rules defined for the option pool.
3. Locate the rule and then click .
You can view the option sets that contain this rule on the Used in the Following Option Sets table, located under the Where Used tab.
You can also customize the information page and add the Effectivity table for the rule.
The following actions are available from the Actions menu:
Set State– Set the lifecycle start for the rule.
Copy– Copy the rule to the clipboard.
Edit–Edit the rule by reselecting choices related by the rule.
Delete–Delete the rule from the option pool.
Revise–Create a new revision of the rule.
New–Create change management objects using this rule.