Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Windchill Options and Variants Capabilities > Creating and Managing Enterprise-wide Definitions > Defining Global Rules for Options and Choices > Conditional Rules > Creating a Conditional Rule
Creating a Conditional Rule
To create a conditional rule:
1. Go to the Option Pool page and click the top-level node in the tree in the left pane.
2. Select the Conditional Rules tab in the right pane.
3. Click .
4. The New Conditional Rule window opens. Provide the description for the rule.
5. Enter an expression in the If section of the window. You can add multiple expressions by adding rows to the table. Click to add more rows. Expressions in each row are combined using OR.
6. In the Then section of the window, select the appropriate action.
7. In the Then section, enter the choices that are the target of the selected action.
8. Click Finish.