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Restricting the Number of Child Parts
You can restrict the number of child parts that are allowed for a configurable module by specifying the Minimum Required and Maximum Allowed attributes on the configurable module. If a variant solution selected for the configurable module violates the prescribed range, the system shows a warning and prevents you from creating a variant.
You can specify the minimum and maximum number of child parts while creating or editing the configurable module. To do this while editing:
1. Check out the part and click Edit.
2. Change the values for Minimum Required and Maximum Allowed. Click Finish to close the Edit Part window.
3. Check in the part back.
Disabling the Restriction on the Number of Child Parts
If you select Disable Rule Checking when using the Option Filter tab (during the Set Filter step of the part configuration process), the system skips the verification step for the Minimum Required and Maximum Allowed child parts, allowing you to create a variant part that violates the constraint on the number of the child parts.