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Creating an Alias
Aliases are defined within an option pool. Aliases are referenced in expressions by the name or number. Consider these guidelines for creating aliases:
An expression that defines an alias can include textual and numeric choices, and other aliases.
An alias can include AND, OR, and NOT logical operators.
Choices used in aliases can be referenced by their names or numbers.
To create an alias:
1. Go to the Option Pool tab of the product or library.
2. Click the top-level node in the option pool tree.
3. Click the Expression Aliases tab.
4. Click the and enter the name and description for the alias. For example, you can enter EuropeanCountry. Click Next.
5. In the Expression box, enter the definition for the alias by referencing the choices defined in the option pool. For example, you can enter Germany/France/UK/Italy for the expression, where Germany, France, UK, Italy are the choices defined for the option Country.
6. Provide a description for the expression.
7. You can validate the choices referenced in the expression by clicking Validate. The standard validation checks for syntax errors and checks if the choices referenced in the alias exist.
If you have implemented a site-specific validation, clicking Validate performs standard and site-specific validation.
8. Click Finish to create the alias. The alias is added to the Expression Aliases table.