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Service Structures: Managing Part Associated Documents
Product: Windchill, Windchill Service Information Manager
Release: 11.1 F000
Provides the ability to view and manage part associated service documents in a Windchill Service Information Manager system when a part is updated in eBOM or sBOM.
Additional Details
From this release, the Structure tab of service structures has been enhanced to include the Impacted By tab. The Impacted By tab helps the user to view and manage part related information of an object in a customizable table format.
The Add Association and Remove Association actions under the Impacted By tab allows the user to manage associations to one or more parts in the impacted by table.
An Impact Analysis Report in the Reports action set provides the ability to easily analyze associated service objects that are impacted by change in a related part. You can generate this report against a specific part to understand the potential impact in case of a part change.
Manage Notifications action allows a user to subscribe to events for parts in a service structure and receive email notifications for any part change.
During a part change, in process of creating a Change Notice or Change Request for that part, Collect Related Service Objects enables you to add associated service objects of a part to the Affected Objects or Resulting Objects table.
Related Information
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