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Service Information Manager: Support for Part Document Filters
Product: Windchill, Windchill Service Information Manager
Release: 11.1 F000
Provides the ability to include valid service content to payload and publish parts related documents to InService.
Additional Details
From this release, the Structure tab of service structures has been enhanced to include document filters in the Edit filter dropdown menu. These document filters allow you to include valid documents in the payload zip file and get the desired published output of part related documents. Document filters are specific to Windchill Service Information Manager.
By default, the Edit Filter does not display the document filters. To enable these filters, add the following properties for describing, reference and configurable documents respectively in the wt.properties file and set its value to true.
A Type Filter tab allows you to select document types for a specified filter. The saved filters for part documents are included in Part Documents Saved Filters action set.
Click Reports > Part Related Documents to view the type of document that is associated to parts in a service structure.
From this release, the service documents that are related to parts by describing, reference or configurable link can be published to Inservice along with the previous support of publishing configurable dynamic documents. This feature is not supported for incremental publishing.
Related Information
For more information, see About Part Document Filters, Editing a Parts Structure Filter, Service Structure Editing, About Part Related Documents Report.