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Change Management: Rich Text Editor
Product: Windchill PDMLink
Release: 11.1 F000
Enables users to describe changes in a better way with improved formatting and larger field support.
Additional Details
The Rich Text Editor included in attribute description fields provides a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWIG) editing area. You can control the appearance of content with respect to fonts, headings, lists, tables, layout, and structure.
The Rich Text Editor is provided in the change management panels in the fields: Description, Reason, and Proposed Solution. The existing Description, Reason, and Proposed Solution fields are renamed and unavailable out of the box. You can configure them to be displayed.
The table provides information about the new labels that have been implemented in this release versus the old labels for the given functional areas.
Functional Area
Default or New Label
Old or Configured Label
Promotion Request
Description (summary)
Problem Report
Description (summary)
Description (summary)
Reason (summary)
Change Request
Proposed Solution
Description (summary)
Proposed Solution (summary)
Change Notice
Description (summary)
Change Task
Description (summary)
Change Review
Description (summary)
JCA tables do not support the display of the values entered in rich text fields. It shows a warning icon to indicate so. Report Builder uses JCA tables, so it will also not render rich text.
The rich text fields do not reflect the corresponding simple text description attribute by default. If you wish to copy or move values from the simple text fields to their corresponding rich text fields, you can use the conversion utility.
For more information, see Converting Simple Text Attribute to Rich Text Attribute.
Cognos reports now support rich text as well as HTML text components. The rich text component supports HTML, PDF, and Excel formats, but does not support hyperlinks and tables. Whereas, HTML text component can render hyperlinks and tables, but cannot export reports in PDF and Excel formats. Additionally, while exporting the rich text report in Excel, background color applied to a single word is not displayed.
For more information, see Using Simple, Rich, and HTML Text Components of Cognos.
The default character limit for rich text attributes is set at 20000. If you wish to edit the character limits, you can update the Info*Engine tasks for summary reports. For more information, see Updating Character Limits for Change Summary Reports in Cognos.
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