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Moving a Context Reference
Your ability to create and modify objects within the Network table depends on the access control rules set at your site. For more information, see Accessing Data.
You can move a context reference from one folder to another within or between networks. This is done by copying it from the current location, pasting it in the new location, and deleting it from the old location.
Use the following procedure to move a context reference in a network structure:
1. Select the checkbox next to the context reference you want to move in the Network table and then select Actions > Copy.
2. Select the checkbox next to the folder to which you want to move the context reference and select Actions > Paste.
To add the context reference as a top-level object within the table, select Actions > Paste without first selecting a checkbox.
3. To avoid duplicate context references, select the checkbox next to the context reference in its original location and select Actions > Delete.