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Browse Tab
Use the Browse tab to navigate to contexts. A context is a generic name for the defined products, libraries, projects, or programs within which users work. For example, if a user entering Windchill navigates to a folder within the Bike Design project and creates a new document, that document is managed in the context of the Bike Design project. The context provides the framework from which user actions are executed. Click on the context name to display the context in Windchill.
The first time you attempt to view a context, you will need to click the View All <context> link.
Recently Visited
Click the Recently Visited button to list the contexts and workspaces you work in most frequently. Recently Visited contexts are useful if you work in more than one type of context.
You can control how many contexts display in Recently Visited by changing settings in the Recently Visited List Size and Recently Visited Contexts List Size Per Type preferences. Access preferences by navigating to Quick Links > My Settings > Preferences.
Your administrator may have set a maximum value for the preference using the wt.recent.RecentUpdateCache.valuesLimit property. Your list is limited to the system maximum, even if you enter a higher value for the preference. By default, the system maximum is 25.