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Finding Domains
A domain is a set of administrative policies for system functions such as access control, indexing, and notification. Objects associated with a domain are subject to its policies. For example, Windchill participants or data storage locations such as folders are associated to domains and are subject to domain policies.
You can select a domain during an operation to create or edit objects that are associated with a domain.
Use the following steps to find a domain:
1. Click the find icon to open the Find Domain window.
2. Select a domain from the Domain table.
Domains inherit policies from higher level domains. Therefore, you may be required to select the domain from an expandable hierarchy.
You are not able to view the access policies when selecting a domain. An administrator can view the access policies by navigating to the Policy Administration utility page in the selected domain.
3. Click OK.
The Find Domain window closes, and the domain you selected appears in the Domain field of the created or edited object.