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Advanced Searches with Access Control Restrictions
The following are the two most common reasons why relevant objects are not included in your search results:
An error in the index server or indexing process. To work around this, leave the Keyword field empty and use the Criteria fields instead.
You do not have the necessary permissions to view the object. For this, you must contact a local administrator or someone who has manager permissions for the relevantWindchill product, library, or project.
See Advanced Search Examples for an explanation of the formatting used in the tables.
The examples in this topic assume the following rules:
The Latest Version Search preference is set to No.
The Criteria field is using the AND operator.
As explained in Search Using Revision and Iteration Criteria, the default search behavior is to only search against the latest iteration of every revision.
Therefore, given the following object version history, Windchill would only apply your search values against Drive Shaft C.2, B.3, and A.3, and return whichever of those versions matches your search:
However, your ability to view objects might be restricted by access control settings. For example, you might only be allowed to view objects that are in the Released state. This would alter which objects are included in your searches:
Filter Order with Access Control
A common confusion among users stems from an inaccurate understanding of how Windchill applies your search parameters when access control restrictions are in place.
In the following examples, access control restrictions mean you can only view objects in the Released state.
You might expect Windchill to first narrow the results to objects in the Released state:
And then apply the remaining search criteria:
This is false.
Instead, Windchill processes the explicit search criteria first:
And then applies the access control restriction:
If the initial search result is excluded (as it is in the example above), then Windchill recursively executes the search until it finds the next closest match:
Example 1: Attribute Criteria
In this example, you perform a search using the following attributes under Criteria. However, your access control is restricted and you can only view objects that are in the Released state.
Access control restricts your view to Released objects only
Because of the way searches are performed by default, your search is initially limited to the latest iteration of each revision. Once access control is applied, your search returns no results:
Example 2: Attribute Criteria and All Iterations
Knowing that your results are restricted by state, you decide to expand your search. You decide to include all iterations in your search:
Access control restricts your view to Released objects only
If this was an indexed search and you entered *shaft* or Green in the Keyword field instead, this search would return the following results (the access control restricted search returns no results):