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Resolving Identity Conflicts
Project members with administrative permission can detect file name conflicts in a project using the Resolve Identity Conflict action.
1. From the project Folder Contents table, select Actions > Resolve Identity Conflict.
2. The CAD Documents in conflict table displays all CAD documents in the project for which a CAD document with the same file name exists in PDM. Objects with conflicts are automatically compared with the corresponding PDM object.
3. You can rename conflicting objects in the project context or override the project object with the PDM version:
a. Select the checkboxes next to conflicting objects and click the replace project object icon .
b. All relationships from the project object are transferred to the PDM object.
To replace a project object with its conflicting PDM object, you must have the proper permission to share the object from PDM to the project. You must also have permission to delete the conflicting object, modify project objects that link to the conflicting object, and modify the conflicting PDM object.
The replace action is restricted to CAD parts and formats authored with Creo Parametric with no dependents. The CAD documents also cannot be instances or generics of a family table and they must not be associated to a part.
4. Once the object is replaced or renamed, the table is refreshed and the object no longer appears in the conflicting objects table.
There is no guarantee that Creo Parametric will regenerate the assemblies using the objects that were replaced. Before sending an assembly to PDM, you should open it in the CAD authoring application to verify its integrity.