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Interoperability and CAD Integration
When a workspace registered in Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 contains an active project, you can browse across all products and libraries to which you have access. If you have the appropriate permissions, you can open PDM objects directly from your CAD authoring application or client tool. The object is shared to the project and downloaded to your workspace.
For more information, see Getting Started with Creo Parametric and Introduction to the Workspace.
You can customize this functionality using the Preference Management utility. Navigate to Utilities > Preference Manager under Product, Library, Organization, or Site.
Automatically Share Dependent Objects
When you open a PDM object, it is automatically shared to the project root folder and then downloaded to your project workspace. To automatically include any dependent PDM objects in this operation, set the Integral Operations > Enable Automatic Share to Project preference:
Restrict automatic sharing—Download and share the initially selected object without including any dependent objects. This is the default selection.
Allow automatic sharing—Dependent objects are automatically shared to the primary project folder, downloaded to your project workspace, and retrieved in the CAD authoring application.
Allow automatic sharing with warning—A warning message appears in the event manager when dependent objects are automatically shared.
Allow automatic sharing with conflict—A conflict message appears when dependent objects are automatically shared. The user must provide confirmation before proceeding.
Automatic sharing is only allowed if the user has Read access for the PDM context. You must also have Download, and Change permission on all dependent PDM objects.
Automatically Convert Shared Objects to PDM Checkout
An error message appears if you attempt to modify a shared object from a project workspace or CAD authoring application. The error message requests that you first check out the object from the project. To automatically complete a Convert to PDM Checkout operation on the object, set the Integral Operations > Enable Automatic PDM Check-out preference to Yes. By default, this preference is set to No.
You must have Read, Download, Modify, and Change permission on the PDM object. You must also have Create and Modify permission for the object type in the project context.
When you check in the object from Creo Elements/Pro 5.0, the object is automatically checked in to the project, but it is not sent to the PDM system.
Creo Elements/Pro 5.0 does not notify you that it is sharing the object to the project or checking out the object to the project.