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Considerations for Importing Replacements
When you import replacements from Microsoft Excel to Windchill PDMLink, consider the following:
Imported replacements must reference parts that already exist in Windchill PDMLink. If a part referenced in the replacements does not exist, the import fails.
If you need to import replacements with parts that do not yet exist in Windchill PDMLink, import one spreadsheet that contains both the new parts and the replacements worksheets.
When defining an alternate, you identify the part that can be used as an alternate. When defining a substitute, you identify the part that is used as the substitute as well as the parent assembly for the substitute part.
Organization administrators can set a preference to define additional attributes (quantity, unit of measure, and reference designator) when defining a substitute.
Navigate to the Preference Management table. Under Part Management, select the Enable quantity and reference designators for substitute parts preference.
An input spreadsheet must follow a predefined format for listing data. For more information, see File Format for Replacements.