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About Importing Data from Excel
You can import part and product structures from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into a library or product. You can build product structures from existing parts, modify existing product structures, create new parts, or update existing parts using data in the import spreadsheet.
You can import the following types of data:
Worksheets for each data type can exist in the same Excel file.
new parts
modifications to existing parts
part subtypes
For each subtype, a new worksheet is created in the Excel file.
out-of-the-box and site-defined attributes
classification attributes
Available when Windchill PartsLink Classification and Reuse is installed.
supplier and manufacturer parts
For example, a component engineer receives a spreadsheet from a vendor with updated part data. The spreadsheet contains both new parts as well as modifications to existing parts (for example, changes to the environmental regulatory compliance data). When the component engineer imports the spreadsheet, new parts are created in the target library or product, and existing parts are modified with the new attribute values. Any existing parts that are modified are iterated.
part usage for modeled, global, and local attributes
For example, a design engineer may need to send a design to an external manufacturing partner for review. The design engineer exports a product structure to a spreadsheet and sends it to the manufacturing partner. The manufacturing partner reviews the spreadsheet, makes changes, and sends it back to the design engineer. If the design engineer approves of the changes, he can import the modified spreadsheet back in Windchill PDMLink to update the product structure.
For example, a design engineer exporting and importing a BOM may also want to include the alternates and replacements for the parts in the BOM.
AML/AVL relationships (when Windchill Supplier Management module is installed)
You can import a spreadsheet that creates new entries or modifies existing entries in the AML/AVL. When you import AML/AVL entries, you only add or change relationships between existing OEM parts and supplier parts.
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