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Considerations for Importing AML/AVL Entries
You can import a spreadsheet that creates new entries or modifies existing entries in the AML/AVL. When you import AML/AVL entries, you cannot create new parts; you can only add or change relationships between existing OEM parts and supplier parts.
This functionality is only available with the Windchill Supplier Management module.
An input spreadsheet must follow a predefined format for listing data. Each line in a spreadsheet represents an entry in the AML/AVL for a specific sourcing context. If the sourcing context is not specified, the default sourcing context is used. For more information, see File Format for Importing AML/AVL Entries.
If adding multiple AMLs, they must use the same OEM container.
Importing AML/AVL entries requires all OEM, manufacturer, or vendor parts to exist. Such parts can be added as a separate import from a spreadsheet, or included on a parts worksheet in the same spreadsheet.