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About Exporting Data to Excel
You can export data from Windchill PDMLink to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. After you export to a spreadsheet, you can modify the spreadsheet to conform to the import format and import it back into Windchill PDMLink. To export product structures, use the Export Importable Spreadsheet action described in How to Export Data to Excel. Before exporting, see the information in Considerations for Exporting Data.
You can export the following types of data:
A component engineer may need to modify a part attribute for a large number of parts. The component engineer searches for parts and then exports them to a spreadsheet. The component engineer opens the spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel and modifies the particular attribute. After modifying the attribute, the component engineer can import the spreadsheet with the changes back into Windchill PDMLink.
Product structure or BOM
A manufacturing engineer needs to send a product structure to a supplier for review. The supplier may have requested the format to be a spreadsheet or a CSV file. The manufacturing engineer locates the product structure in Windchill. He then sets the expansion criteria appropriately, selects the sourcing context for the product structure (if applicable), exports data to a spreadsheet, and sends it to the supplier.
A manufacturing engineer needs to send a product structure to a supplier for review and also wants the supplier to know the replacements for the objects in the product structure.