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Considerations for Exporting Data
When exporting parts or product structures to Microsoft Excel, consider the following:
Exported spreadsheets are saved with the XLS or XLSX extension.
When exporting parts and product structures, spreadsheets can contain multiple worksheets. A worksheet is created for each of the following:
part type
part subtype
the product structure or BOM
Classified parts that share a common classification node are exported to the same worksheet, and that worksheet is assigned a system generated name.
Different part types, for example, manufacturer parts and vendor parts, are exported to separate worksheets, even if they belong to the same node in the classification structure.
The Export Importable Spreadsheet action is not available for custom parts.
When you export from a search results table, all parts in the table are exported to a spreadsheet.
The first cell of a worksheet defines the type of data that was exported. If you plan to import the spreadsheet back in Windchill, do not modify the first cell of the top row of a worksheet.
Row 5 of the exported spreadsheet contains the display names of the soft attributes included in the worksheet. If the attribute does not have a display name, this field is blank.
Row 6 of the exported spreadsheet can contain the internal names of the attributes included in the worksheet. The internal name of an attribute may be a system generated name such as xje262.