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Searching for Organizations
This window appears when you need to specify an organization for an object as part of an action in Product Structure Explorer.
When using the Organization ID field as search criteria, the results recognize only those organizations that have this attribute specifically defined during creation. For all other organizations, search using the Organization Name field.
To find an organization in the database, use the following procedure:
1. Click the Locate button next to the Organization field.
The Organization field contains a drop-down list displaying recently selected organizations. Use the drop-down to quickly select an organization rather than using the search functionality.
2. A new window opens. Enter the appropriate value in the Name field.
You can select Equals or Not Equals from the drop-down list or use an asterisk (*) as a wildcard in the field to modify your search. For more information, see Using Wildcard Characters.
3. Click Search.
The results of the search are returned on the bottom of the window.
4. Select the desired organization and click OK.