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Where Used Tab
The Where Used tab is optional. See your administrator for information on why your site may or may not display the tab.
The Where Used tab lists assemblies or product structures the selected part is being used in.
Available Actions
The following table explains the icons available from the toolbar on this tab:
Opens the selected part in a new explorer window.
You can also double click on a part in the table to launch it in a new explorer window.
Navigates to the details page for the part, where you can view and edit information outside of the explorer.
Refreshes the table information to reflect the most recent updates.
Copies the selected part on the clipboard, so the part can also be included in another assembly.
Expands all levels of the selected assembly.
Opens a window where you can enter the number of levels (1–12) by which you want to expand selected assembly.
Opens a window with a drop-down list of part types. The selected assembly expands until the selected part type is found.
Use to select columns to display in the table as well as set column properties and their order.