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View Tab
If Creo Parametric is installed on your system, a View tab displays, from which you can visualize parts. If you do not haveCreo Parametric installed but you would like to use the integrated visualization capabilities of Product Structure Explorer, see your system administrator.
The View tab is not available when an advanced configurable part is selected. For more information, refer to the Options and Variants help.
When Creo Parametric is installed, the Visualization Indicator column in the navigation pane on the left is populated with an icon if a visual representation is available. The following table describes how each icon indicates the state of the visualization displayed and any action available clicking the icon.
A visual representation exists but it is hidden (usually for performance purposes).
Click the icon to show the visual representation.
The visual representation is partially displayed.
Click the icon to show the visual representation.
The visual representation is fully displayed.
Click the icon to hide the visual representation.
The visual representation cannot be displayed (usually because of the structure expansion or because you need to show occurrences in the navigation pane).
No action results from clicking this icon.
If no icon appears, no visualization exists for the part.
This icon is, in fact, a toggle. The default is to hide the visual representation for performance purposes (denoted by the icon). When you click the icon for any part images you want to view, the image indicates the system is showing the visual representation.
For further information about how to use this functionality, see the online help available from Creo Parametric.