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Creating a One-off Version
A one-off version is a branch version taken from any version within the normal version sequence (for example, A, B, C). A one-off version is labeled with the version from which it is created, followed by a dash and number, such as B-1. This one-off version is used to record a unique modification to a released design. It is intended to support the modification of parts that have been recorded in a configuration, used to create an instance, and then modified. The fact that a part has been altered must be recorded in the system, so a one-off version of the altered part is created.
To create a one-off version of a part:
1. Select Selected > New One-off Version.
A new window appears.
2. From the drop-down lists, select a Life Cycle and optionally a Team with which to associate the one-off version.
3. Click OK.
The new version is created. You can choose to have it appear in a new explorer window or the current explorer window.