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Editing Attribute Values by Column
Selected attributes in Product Structure Explorer can be modified at the column level. That is, you can select a column and set all or selected rows of that column to the same value. If a table contains columns that support this capability, the following icon appears in the table toolbar: .
The following procedure describes how to edit column attribute values:
1. Click the edit column attribute values icon .
An edit window appears.
2. From the Column drop-down list, select the column for which you want to set column attributes to the same value.
Only those columns that support this capability are available from the drop-down list. See your system administrator for more information.
3. From the Value drop-down list, select the attribute value you want to set.
4. Select the Apply to selected rows check box if you want this attribute value to be set for the highlighted rows only. Clear the check box to set the value for all rows in the column.
5. Click OK.