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Checking In an Object
After you check out an object you can save any changes you make to the object, by checking the object back in.
Check in is a multi-select action.
To check in an object, use the following procedure:
1. From the structure pane select the working copy of the object.
2. To check in,
Select Selected > Check In.
Click the check in icon .
Right-click on your mouse, and select Check In.
The Check In window opens.
3. Enter comments, if desired, and click OK.
If the check-in operation is successful, the working copy is replaced with the checked-in copy.
The check in and check out behavior of objects in a structure can be modified using the Preference Management utility, under the PSE node. For example, to prevent the automatic check in of all operations and sequences belonging to a process plan when the process plan is checked in, set the Automatic Check In Operations and Sequences preference to No.