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Reverting an Annotation Change
If you are in draft mode or an annotation set and you want to navigate to a specific change that you have made and remove the change, use the revert action.
You can revert the following kinds of changes:
Editing a single attribute
Editing a row of attributes
Adding an object
Removing an object
Revising an object
The revert action is available in the following locations:
Under the Edit menu
In the toolbar of each task tab on the right pane
Use the following procedure to revert an action:
1. Select the part or attribute field where you want to revert the change.
If you are working in the navigation pane, and want to revert the removal of a part, select the parent part.
2. Click .
Select Edit > Revert.
3. If only one change has occurred in the annotation or draft, revert returns the part or attribute to the original state or value.
If more than one change has occurred, a Revert window opens, where you select the individual change you want to revert, and click OK. The part or attribute returns to the original state or value.
You can also select Edit > Revert to view and edit any of the changes you have made in that annotation or draft.