Data Management Capabilities > Managing Part Structures > Product Structure Explorer > About Managed Baselines > Adding to a Baseline
Adding to a Baseline
To add an object to a baseline, use the following procedure:
1. From the structure pane select the object for which you want to add to a baseline.
2. Select Selected > Baseline > Add to Baseline. The Add to Baseline window appears.
3. Click Search, if the baseline to which you are adding the object exists.
a. Enter the necessary information or simply click Search.
b. In the list of results, select the baseline to which you want to add the object.
c. Click OK.
Click New, if you need to create the managed baseline to which you are adding the object.
d. Enter information in the following fields of the New Baseline window:
The name of the baseline.
The description of the baseline.
Context Name
The context for the baseline. Click Locate to search for the context in which the baseline is created.
e. Click OK.
4. Populate the baseline with this object if needed.
5. Click OK.