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Creating Comments
A comment is a message written in response to a discussion topic or to a previous comment.
You can attach up to five local files to a comment, as well as up to three links to a website or a Windchill object. Once posted, other team members can reply directly to your comment.
1. Use one of the following methods to post a comment:
Navigate to the Discussions table and select New Comment from the right-click actions menu of a topic. Select Reply to Comment from the right-click actions menu of a previous comment.
Select New Comment from the right-click actions menu of a topic in the My Discussions table.
Click a topic name to open the topic in a new window. Click the new comment icon on the Comments table toolbar.
The New Comment window opens.
2. Under the Set Attributes step, you can select different topics under the Topic menu.
This option is not available if you are replying to a previous comment.
3. Provide a brief title for your comment in the Subject field. If you leave this field blank, the title No Subject appears above your comment.
4. Write your comment in the Message field. Enter up to 4,000 characters.
5. Select the Subscribe checkbox to receive an email notification whenever a new comment is added in reply to your comment. Click Next.
6. Under the Add Attachments step, click Browse to select up to five local files to upload and post with your comment. Click Next.
7. Under the Add Links step, use the following fields to link to a website or to an object within Windchill:
Link Name—Enter a name for the link.
If you leave this field blank, the full URL path is displayed in your comment.
URL—Enter a path to the link destination.
To link to a website, enter the web address into the URL field.
To link to a Windchill object, click the find icon to open the URL window. Use the search fields provided to locate the object to which you want to link.
8. Click Finish or Apply to post your comment.
Click Save Draft to save the comment without posting it. If necessary, you can later modify the comment and post it when you are ready. For more information, see Posting Draft Comments.
Once posted, you cannot edit your comment, but can later delete it if you choose.
A discussion icon appears in the Folder Contents table next to an object that has at least one associated discussion comment. Click this icon to view topics and comments related to that object.