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Project Invitations
Windchill ProjectLink provides a web-based collaboration space for organizing and sharing information among a project team. In order for users to access the information contained in a project, they must be invited to join the project team or be granted permission to view the information.
Project invitations provide a brief description of the project and URL in order to:
notify team members of a project
grant team members access to the project
Invitations are composed by the project creator during the project creation process. When creating a new project, you have the option to send invitations to team members. If you choose not to send invitations during the project creation process, invitations are automatically sent out when a project enters the in-progress phase. For more information on creating projects, see Creating a Project or Program.
If a project is already started, the project manager can send invitations to new members from the Members table, accessible from Project > Team. From the Members table, you can edit the invitation. When a new member is added to the team, an invitation is automatically sent out. As soon as the member is added to the team, the project appears in the user projects list and the user can access the project and all of the information it contains.