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Project or Program Information Page
Projects and programs are contexts. For more information, see About Projects and Programs.
The information page of a Project or Program is accessed by clicking Project > Details or Program > Details from the Navigator.
From the information page, you can perform actions on the project or program as well as view attributes and any related information.
For an overview of information page functionality, see Information Pages.
Information pages contain a list of applicable actions in a menu just below the object identification line. For more information, see Project or Program Actions.
On project or program information pages, the Details tab is available.
Administrators may have modified the tabs that are viewable to you. You can also customize the tabs that appear on each information page to display the information most useful to you. For more information, see Customizing Information Page Tabs.
Under the Details tab you can view and edit attributes related to the project or program. For descriptions of these attributes, see Creating a Project or Program.