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Editing an Unincorporated Change
You can edit unincorporated changes by clicking the edit unincorporated changes icon in the Resulting Objects table of the New Change Task or Edit Change Task windows.
TheEdit Unincorporated Changes window allows you to incorporate any approved unincorporated changes or set the planned revision label of incorporation for deferred unincorporated changes.
The Unincorporated Changes table contains the following:
Change Notice
The identity of the change notice that created the unincorporated change.
The life cycle state of the change notice. If the change notice is not persisted, the value is blank.
Change Task
The identity of the change task within the change notice that created the unincorporated change.
Incorporation Plan
The action to take regarding the unincorporated change. A newly-created unincorporated change can only be deferred. For an approved unincorporated change, you can choose to defer or incorporate the unincorporated change. Select Incorporate to indicate the unincorporated change is be incorporated into the new revision.
Planned Revision
The revision in which the unincorporated change is planned to be incorporated.
To set the planned revision of unincorporated changes, use the following procedure:
1. Select the objects in the Unincorporated Changes table for which you want to set the planned revision.
2. Click the set planned revision icon in the toolbar. The Select Revision window opens.
3. From the list, select a revision label, or enter a revision label in the field.
4. Click OK. The revision label changes in the Unincorporated Changes table.
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