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Creating an Unincorporated Change
In order to create unincorporated changes, your administrator must enable the preference (Unincorporated Change Creation). By default, this feature is not enabled.
To create a change that will not be incorporated at the current time, do the following:
1. Create or edit a change notice.
2. On the Define Implementation Plan step of the New Change Notice or Edit Change Notice window, create or edit a change task.
3. In the Affected Objects table, add objects you wish to change.
4. Select the objects and select New Unincorporated Change from the actions menu in the toolbar.
5. If the objects are valid for creation of an unincorporated change, they are added to the Resulting Objects table. If one or more of the objects are not valid, a message displays indicating the objects that are not valid. You cannot create a new unincorporated change if an unreleased change exists that has either a new unincorporated change or a new revision.
The Resulting Objects table has the following changes:
The actions column displays an edit unincorporated changes icon
The Version column displays the same version that was selected in the Affected Objects table.
The default for the planned revision is set to the next revision of the object. You can change the planned revision by clicking the edit unincorporated changes icon from the Resulting Objects table, displaying the Edit Unincorporated Changes window.
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