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Administration of Change Process Transitions
When releasing a change notice, there may be a variety of target states for your resulting objects. If a resulting object has a release target set during the time of the change notice release, the resulting object goes into the state defined by the release target transition. Administrators define release target states available by setting a transition rule in the Life Cycle Template Administration utility.
The life cycle transitions for change include:
Production Released
There can only be one state for these transitions per state of the life cycle.
Within the Life Cycle Template Administration utility, the administrator can:
View the defined change type transition on each life cycle template
Add transition states for defined change type transitions
Remove transition states from change type transitions
Remove change type transition from the configured list of change transitions.
Consider this example:
A part has the following life cycle states: In Work, Under Review, and Released. A Change transition is defined on the Under Review state to transition to the Released state. The part is currently in the released state and has been added to the Resulting Objects table of a change task with some specified effectivity. The Change transition is assumed even though the Change transition is defined on the Released state, allowing the change to process. The life cycle state of the part does not change but remains in the Released state.