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About Sequenced Implementation Plans
A sequenced implementation plan allows you to determine which change tasks should be completed before other change tasks can be started. You can define the order in which change tasks should be done.
The ability to sequence the execution order of change tasks is available only if the Sequenced Plan Execution Order preference value is set to Yes. You must also have both Windchill PDMLink and Windchill ProjectLink installed.
For more information about organizing change tasks into a sequence that determines the execution order in relation to other change tasks, see Assigning Change Tasks to a Sequence.
The ability to update a sequenced implementation plan is constrained to the time when the change notice goes into the Implementation state. You can add or delete change tasks within the plan, as well as change the sequence of execution by using the Edit action.
A change notice is considered implementing when it reaches the Implementation life cycle state. Your site can determine another state as the implementing state. For more information, see Specifying Implementation States.
As assignees and reviewers complete their work on the change tasks, any change task with newly-resolved dependencies are distributed to their respective assignees. When all the change tasks in the implementation plan have been distributed and completed, the change notice advances to its next step in the workflow process.