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Assigning Change Tasks to a Sequence
In a sequenced implementation plan, you can define that certain change tasks be completed before other change tasks can be started. To create a sequenced implementation plan, use the following procedure:
1. In the New Change Notice window, enter the attributes for the change notice.
2. In the Define Implementation Plan step, create the change tasks.
3. In the Sequence column of the Define Implementation Plan step, specify the number of the sequence. You can do this in the following ways:
Type the number of the sequence in the field
Increment or decrement by 1 by using the up and down arrows next to the field or on your keyboard
Increment or decrement by 10 by using the Page Up and Page Down keys on your keyboard
Not all change tasks must have a sequence order assigned. If the field is left blank, the change task is independent of the sequenced implementation plan.
4. Complete creating the change notice.
Use the Edit Change Notice action to change the sequence of the change tasks.